3 Steps To Earning Great Affiliate Checks From Hot Selling Products

Earning great affiliate commissions is something that doesn’t just happen. It is something that you work at and make happen. It is all about visualising it, planning it and working it out. However, it doesn’t have to be something difficult. In fact, following these 3 steps, you will be able to almost immediately match existing market demand with smoking hot products (on demand) that results in great checks every single month.

Your first step is to know what the market wants. Perhaps the greatest affiliate marketing mistake you will ever make is to pick a product to promote before you know what the market wants. Going that way is being plain stupid about your affiliate campaign. What you should do first is to know what the market wants!

So how do you know what the market wants? There are a lot of complex stuff about know exactly what people want, ranging from $97 software to paid membership sites. However, I love simple techniques and I always go that way.

Here are my top 3 techniques for knowing exactly what people want so that I can monetise that and create good affiliate earnings.

First, I recommend you to look for hot niches every day. Second, go over to ClickBank.com and look at what the top sellers in each category are. If those stuff sell, it means people want them and you can make money off that need. Third, think of all-time people needs and drill down using Google and other keyword research tools like www.wordtracker.com. This way, you can get an idea of the market size (consumer demand) for those products.

Second, decide on where you want to sell and what you want to sell. This sounds straight forward but it is can get a little tricky and it is one of the most crucial decisions you will ever need to make concerning your affiliate marketing campaign, so I’ll just take sometime to explain it.

Where you want to sell means your niche. Incidentally, most people always end up in the “make money” niche, trying to sell in overcrowded markets, with far more experienced and richer marketers. If this is where you want to sell, good-luck. I am not saying it isn’t possible. What I am simply saying is that it is far easier to make more money from non “make money” related niches. Here are a few niches you might consider that are sure to pump in the cash much easier. Health and health related niches (e.g. diabetes, cancer, cancer detection and cure, quit smoking etc), dating and relationships (dating and dating tips, marriage tips, repair etc.), office furniture, architecture, games, golf and so many other high profit niches.

Now, that you know what niches you want to sell in, you need to know what to sell to them. This is where choosing products that sell to market demand comes in and this can be really straight forward and dead easy when you know what to do. The basics go thus: choose product with good sales copy. As a rule, if the product’s sales pitch doesn’t make you feel like buying, forget it. Look at what commission the product is giving: for me, anything offering less than 50% per sale is not good enough. Then, the price of a product is also important. If you sell a $97 product for instance and you get a 75% commission, you’ll make $60+ per sale, so I personally won’t go near anything selling for less than $47 except I am sure the product has a backend going for higher and I am sure I will get the affiliate commission on the backend sale.

So, choose your product wisely and then finish off with the third step.

Third step is simply your affiliate marketing strategy. Now, this is really important and a small investment in this area will really be worthwhile. The first thing to do is to create a simple mini-site which does two things: the first is to pre-sell the affiliate product and the second is to help you build a list, so that you can sell related products to that list over and over again. This is where the real “juice” is! When you have a list of loyal subscribers who you can contact with offers on a regular basis, it will be easy – in fact so dead easy, to generate up to $2000 in affiliate commissions with a single email.

Once you have this up and running, start promoting your own website instead of promoting the affiliate product page directly. Write articles, go for PPC advertising, do ezine advertising and watch your affiliate checks go up month after month.

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