3 Websites & Resources You Start Using Today

The best thing about these websites and resources is the fact that they are all free. Despite this fact, they are so very useful – you will soon find out for yourself.


If you are interested in search engine optimization and promoting websites on the Internet, this is a tool you should start using. It gives you the ability to view a huge number of SEO parameters and investigate them on the spot. You will be able to know immediately keyword and keyword density of a site and so many other useful information.


With Scribd, you can access over 17 million people a month who come over to view documents! If you use this site, you can be getting a steady stream of traffic without paying a dime! All you have to do is create and upload your documents to scribd and let people who search for documents online find them. Its very easy, its free and it brings traffic.


I love this one. When you think of how much you would have paid to get a pdf converter, you will immediately fall in love. Infact, I would have paid for this software. Anyway it is free and once you have it, you can immediately start converting your documents into pdf – it also has an inbuilt word processor that works like Microsoft Word, an inbuilt section that works like Microsoft Excel – even an OpenOffice Draw – quite a useful software to have around.

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