5 Websites That Will Help You Build a Successful Internet Business

Nothing is better than building an internet business, but especially at the beginning you will overwhelmed by so much data and information that it will be difficult to order them properly and give the right weight to the more important factors. I would start from these 5 points and corresponding sites:

1. A niche: You must focus on what you like the most on one side and what it actually works, the hot niches, on the other. Find out more about people that had a business vision and how they realised it at visionarystartups.com

2. A brand name: A business can’t start without a successful brand name that will make it come out from the myriad of similar online ventures. The brand name must be associated with the exact match domain. And there is no doubt that this domain must come in the .com extension as this is the most trusted and worldwide recognised one. Find your dream name at buywebproperties.com

3. A website: A business can’t stand up without a beautiful website that will engage and entice your visitors. Nowadays the best way to build a site is through using of a CMS (Content Management System) like WordPress. The CMS gives the opportunity to manage and upload your content easily as well as to have a top notch customisation and design. I successfully cooperated with the team at wparchitects.com more than once, and the outcome was outstanding each and every time.

4. An internet marketing plan: Of course I will give you all the information you need on this site, profitbomb.com, but there are also thousands of other useful sites that will guide you in the marketing and monetization process, one for all free-online-business.com

5. A social media strategy: Social media are one of the key factors for ranking your site on search engines and bring sales. thewholebird.com explores the world of social media and provides useful strategies and techniques to take full advantage of what social media can offer.

Other 5 useful websites:
webnetlet.net: tips and resources for getting a virtual office
businessstartertools.com: tools and tips for starting a new business
learntowinbig.com: more marketing and money making tips
hostpinpin.com: web hosting information

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