Affiliate Marketing and the Website Approach

As an affiliate marketeer you can decide to promote your affiliate products in many ways, from email, to PPC (pay-per-click) to offline advertising, and affiliate programs usually provide many tools to help people to succeed in their marketing efforts. However one of the preferred method by affiliates is usually the affiliate website marketing approach. What is it about? Simply put, you can conceive a small website which contains references to the products you want to promote using tracking URLs from the affiliate programs you joined.

The advantage is that you can build a real brand with time, well respected and with a loyal customer base, which can easily expands and scales onto new lines of products and even, at some point, start selling your own branded products. As a first consequence you will spend less and less money in PPC (pay-per-click) advertising as the site gets popular. With affiliate website marketing you can eventually get traffic cost-less, so why not do it?

With your site you can basically do whatever you like. An approach might be reviewing several affiliate products from different companies, and then recommending the best one. Products comparison usually works well for converting visitors in real customers. A fair comparison is also a useful service for your visitors that would probably appreciate the effort you put on this and will come back to your site more often.

Another approach could be writing a lot of articles rich in quality content and dense in keywords. Including a certain number of articles on a chosen topic is also the right way to build a proper site and you have to do that soon or later anyway. If you have no clue on what to write, then you can do some research on Google and rewrite the articles you like the most.

Building a valuable website can’t be done in a night, you will have to study any aspect carefully, and eventually it will take plenty of your time. Once you have built a proper site, and actually this never ends even when you begin to sell, you have to start to promote it and get traffic, but this is an entire new chapter.

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