How to Get your Site Indexed by Google in a Jiffy

Many a times new website owners, blog writers and new online business entrepreneurs are scratching their heads wondering why their site is not showing up in Google even though they have done everything correct and as per the rules. Well, the answer is that their site is not yet been indexed by Google and therefore only they know that their site and blogs exist in cyberspace. However, internet is all about getting noticed and if your site is not indexed by Google than there are no chances that anybody else on internet can view your website.

Google crawlers are always looking for new websites and blogs in the cyberspace and if you have linked your new website with some of the old popular websites than chances of your new site being indexed soon is very high. However, if you are trying to launch your personal or business website for the very first time than you have to work a little harder to get your site indexed on Google. To get your site indexed quickly by Google you need to know how exactly Google works.

Some of the easiest and quickest ways to get your site indexed it write an article or a blog about your website. You can write some of your articles of popular blog sites like Ezine or other social networks like Facebook and Twitter that will be searched by the crawler because they are popular sites and therefore it will index your site as well. Many of the new online entrepreneurs even use sites like Digg and Sphinn because they are currently the top sites where you will find many people connected and therefore Google crawler does not have to hunt deeper to index your website. Many of them even use RSS directories to get their sites indexed quickly by Google.

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